You Tube vs. Hulu

This battle is not going to be as epic as the Facebook vs. MySpace but the You Tube business model vs. Hulu business model. Ever since Google bought into YouTube (for 1.65 billion dollars) they have become if they were not before the place to go for short-form video content. The max a video can be on YouTube is 10 minutes. The thought at Tea512 was someday especially after Viacom started pulling content was that they would become the place for TV and movies as the next logical incarnation. YouTube may have started to explore this as they now have a few full length documentaries and there is a couple of full episode TV Shows as well. I once read where YouTube has more than 10 hours of video posted every minute. That a lot of people’s cat’s flushing toilets and 12 year old Carrie Underwood wannabes. It is no wonder they are not making a bundle of money, as this is not must see video. So if YouTube is not making money from it content they must change the model. The problem is there are new players that are talking revenue away before YouTube can even try to grab it. Disney has started showing Finding Nemo online the full-length movie the new site from Pixar Disney XD. Hulu the brainchild of NBC Universal already offers TV Shows and they have Viacom in their pocket as well. Hulu is selling advertising all around the content. They offer HD viewing as well as a majority of shows quickly posted. The Rescue Me mini episode that aired on Tuesday was available on Wednesday. We feel that if YouTube and the 71 million unique users it has every month, does not start to capitalize on the space and user of it web pages through advertising. It could turn out to be the only thing Google has touched that it could not save.