Heath Ledger an Oscar? Give me a break!

Tea512 Friday Fluff – Watch out the Dark Night Joker performance from Heath Ledger is gaining Oscar buzz. Are you kidding, the villain in a comic book movie win an award. Maybe an MTV award maybe a Foreign Press Award, but an Oscar come on this is just crazy talk. The movie will premiere on July 14th and it is probably a good movie. Remember Jack Nicholson played the Joker in a Batman movie, no one said he should win an Oscar. Maybe Jack should have taken a bunch of prescription drugs because his life was so bad. This person was 28 years old, he had a place on the upper east side of Manhattan, linked to Michelle Williams and an Olsen twin; he even was somebody’s dad. None of this was good enough, now after the tragic death there is a final movie. Therefore, we have Oscar buzz for a person who if you check the credits is listed third in the movie. When has the third listed actor in a movie ever won an Oscar? The other thing is what does Christian Bale think of this, he is Batman, or chopped liver based on the buzz. Maybe it just a bad year for Oscar nominated roles, it is only July so let us hope there is something in the pipeline that can derail this train.  we just cannot believe that recreating a role of a comic book character that has been played by multiple big screen actors, he is the only one worthy of an Oscar. Tinsel town loves a good tearjerker and this one would be voting on compassion over than substance.