Gas pump Gouging bill – business as usual

The House of Representatives Democrats failed to get a bill through that would punish price gouging at the gas pump, the vote was 276-146 not getting a 2/3rds votes needed. This bill would make gouging gas stations a Federal crime. The same time they blocked the Republican attempt to expand offshore drilling. A bill that would pledge to extend the banning of drilling in US coastal waters will not be heard until later this summer. The Democrats list of new energy proposals created a logjam before the July 4 recess. This is why the Republican bill, which most believe has enough votes is being pushed off. This is not a smart move or timely as gas is over $4.00 a gallon and the $125+ barrel oil is raising the cost of everything. The Republican proposal would allow drilling 50 miles from shore in all U.S. coastal waters. The House is not the only place this is happening as the Senate has done the same thing to a similar bill. In fairness, the Democrat position is that these companies already have federal leases, are not using some of these lands, and want to grab more lands first. There is no way to know if the oil companies are not drilling because they think it is not profitable as well as knowing based on that research within 50 miles there is a better chance at success. This is just another case of hurry up, talk a good game, put the issue on the table, then do nothing. Democrats want to save the wildlife and feel they need to attack big business gratuitous profits. Republicans see an untapped resource and want to use it, without attacking government oversight on big business. Because the Republicans cannot get their way the Democrats will not get there way and here we are, no drilling for our own oil and gas prices at stations at any price they want.