Facebook vs. MySpace

Tea512 calls the Facebook vs. MySpace the Internet race of the next two years. This will be a battle royal to see who comes out on top and if both can simultaneously exist. May was the first month since the inception of Facebook in 2004; it had more unique visitors then MySpace. This is significant because the growth of Facebook has outpaced MySpace. These results were reported by ComScore, which is a website traffic monitor. MySpace has become almost a mainstream term so for Facebook to have this kind of success shows the fickleness of the Internet users who have and insatiable desire to be on the next big thing. Facebook has changed greatly since 2004 as all companies with tremendous success must once it becomes even bigger than the original idea. They have had high-level people leave because they were probably in over the head, after Microsoft came in with deep pockets; they were able to higher high priced talent. Mark Zuckerberg is only 23 years old, so he appointing Sheryl Sandberg to be the right hand women, this is an epic hire as she helped develop Goggles advertising business, which went pretty well. There are only estimates of revenue and users because both companies are private. That number is MySpace 110 million and Facebook 80 million so that could be a website score but the dollars and cents are the final score. The question is does MySpace or Facebook want to destroy each other or co-exist. The Internet has seen this go both ways Microsoft destroyed Netscape among other things, but Abode and Macromedia joined together to keep both mediums alive as well as take the best of what each other had to offer. Not sure how this will play out yet and if there is a third person waiting in the wings. The Internet has always been about the next big thing and staying on top is no easy feat. Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL, Netscape, Napster, Altavista, all once were riding high only to be cut out at the legs by a new up and comer.