Foot print in the Middle East

American and Iraqi leaders are trying to set up a huge deal for United States forces to remain on bases in Iraq. Tea512 has always been under the belief that weapons of mass destruction were only the gateway to this exact scenario. Ever since 9/1, the lack of US spy vs. spy has haunted the Americans in the all corners of the Middle East. The plan we believe has been to put bases down right in the middle of the region being able to protect the oil fields, run predator spy planes all around to gather Intel, without being told what we can and cannot do. Remember when we could not fly missions through Turkey even though we have a base there. Once this is ratified, there will be an American presence in the middle of he region watching Iran, Syria, as well as Pakistan. There was probably worry about the fate of the Saudi Arabian leadership as well. This we always believed was big picture and the cards all seem to be falling into place.