Replacing Tim Russert

Tim Russert must be replaced by NBC News, Russert the host of Meet the Press, was the man, when it came to Sunday morning talk shows, he was also the chief political commentator and the boss of NBC News Washington bureau. His death of a heart attack last Friday is creating quite a vacuum that needs to be filled. The show reportedly earns more than $60 million a year in profits with very low expenses. The NBC show averages 4.17 million views, which is far above second place ABC show with 2.8. So here is a list of possible replacements and our take on the top candidates, Chris Matthews he wants this job so badly he has already started to lobby for it. The problem is he already has a weekend show on NBC syndicate so they would lose one time slot by choosing him. David Gregory already works at NBC and he has hosted the show in the past. The problem he is not liked, or seen as a nice person, so they may not get important guests and lose ratings. Chuck Todd works at NBC and he was hand picked by Russert. He is young enough to build a show around. The problem is this may cause a problem with the other NBC folks that would not have been picked. Andrea Mitchell is a perfect candidate and an NBC employee, her only down fall to her is her age. She is 62, which means picking her would only be a short-term solution. Gwen Ifill, She might be most like Tim Russert of the whole group. She is smart, well liked and lives inside the Washington circles. The only exception with her is she works at PBS, which might cause a problem for NBC people that are not hired. Tom Brokaw works at NBC and everybody knows him. He can be used as an interim person, but is not a long-term solution as he does not have the inner tough person in him to ask the hard questions. Brian Williams another NBC guy that is well liked and has a familiar face. The problem, this is not the nightly news which is just reading  copy, this job is political analysis and asking tough questions of high ranking people it is not for the faint of heart. Then if it was my news division and I had to make a choice, it would be Chuck Todd then Glen Ifill. We cannot wait to see how this one shakes out.