Kanab, Utah – Bikini Ban – Unamerican

Tea512 was a little late on the uptake on this one, but am outraged nonetheless. On June 10th 2008, Mark Haynes of the Salt Lake Tribune reported that in Kanab, Utah the City leaders have publishing a ban on bikinis. The town of only 5400 residents which sits 300+ miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. The good news is calmer heads prevailed and they are going to modify the rule to permit bikini’s at the city’s public pool later this month. They are still going to ban thongs and string bikinis. The bikini ban was discussed and even mocked. The town self nicknamed “Little Hollywood” because of the films that have been made there. Although, headlines are not new to the city as across the state as well as the nation in 2006, it adopted a “natural-family resolution” for breadwinning husbands and homemaking wives to rear a “full quiver of children.” What is in the water in this place, not bikinis? It is every American girl’s right to get her body in such great golden bronze shape, that she can walk around a pool wearing only the smallest two-piece garment. It is a travesty that every American boys right to see American girls in their golden tanned body fullness. It is as wholesome as apple pie and as American as the 4th of July. Which is the day the pool will open and hopefully the city leaders will not show such distain and embrace the bikini as we here at tea512 always have.