Gas is now $4.00 a gallon

Tea512 this morning June 13th 2008 paid $4.00 a gallon for gasoline. I was not stuck at a highway station; this was the cheapest gas price in town. You can start to think where this is beginning to change people’s habits. We in the northeast just went through a heat wave, how many people rolled their windows down while driving instead using the AC because it kills your gas mileage. You pay extra for a car with AC some people wont even by one that does not have it and now they are not using it. As I drove by a local doughnut shop I wondered how many people are getting out of the car instead of sitting with the car running in the drive thru. I also heard yesterday that when you rent a car so many people are trying to rent the budget compact when you get to the agency, they do not have any. They give you a mid size car for the same price. The only thing that makes this crisis different then the 70’s is the supply and demand aspect. When I did by the $4.00 gas if I wanted 100 gallons they would sell it to me. In the 70’s you could only get gas on certain days and a maximum amount of gallons. If you dig, even deeper January 2006 oil was $66.00 a barrel and gas was $2.33 a gallon. So today a barrel of oil is $138.00 so that is an increase of 209% increase and gas, which is today $4.00, has gone up about 58%, should not these numbers be the same. Maybe there is something to the speculation market driving up costs.