Couric reveals true colors

Katie Couric on June 10th was honored by the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum at their annual Alice Award Luncheon Gala. This story was report on June 11th in the mediabistro by Patrick. She was honored for her career in news, as well as her being the first female solo anchor of a weekday network evening broadcast, and other blah..blah blah stuff. During the event, it was reported that she thought “I feel that Sen. Clinton received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I’ve ever seen.” She was also quoted saying in the article that latent sexism contributed, in part, to Hillary’s defeat. The claim was that men were finding it hard to be objective when it came to Obama. I know Katie Couric a democrat who knew. I know Katie Couric supports Hillary Clinton who would have guessed. The there is no media bias angle is saying that males liked Obama so they sand bagged Hillary is almost admitting that there is a bias but unfortunately for Katie it turned up against her side.