Reality – Survivor – The Reality is you must pay Taxes

Here is a story to file under nobody told me so I cannot be wrong. Ignorance is not defense but stupidity should be punishable. This came out of Providence, Rhode Island, where I came across the story on the AP Wire. The Season One of Survivor (2000) winner his name was Richard Hatch if you forgot. He was famous for walking around the beach completely naked; how that does not get you voted of the island is beyond me. He has appealed his tax evasion conviction all the way to get this- the U.S. Supreme Court. Richard Hatch was convicted of failing to pay taxes on the $1 million prize. Hatch was sentenced to four years in prison. The (his side) story is that he confronted producers of the show about another issue, he was told at that time they promised his taxes would be paid if he won the competition. Nothing in writing so of course CBS has said these claims are false.  So there is the rub to waste Supreme Court time but in a shocking twist he is also writing a book about, his experiences with the legal system. So the moral is win a show that hands you a million dollar prize and expect to pay no taxes because the show said they would talk care of it, would that not make it a 2 million dollar prize. Then how about you must be on the radar of the IRS as you were famous for winning the first season of a hugely popular show that kept talking about a million dollar prize. Ah Reality TV the stories just never stop. By the way Survivor 16 was in 2008 so good for Hatch to keep his 15 minutes going this long.