Sun Newspaper Dating Reporter

Tea512 came across a story written by Laura Stott, on May 19th 2008 she works in Britain for the Sun newspaper. Her byline is called “Sun Woman’s girl on The Hunt” The premise is this 29 year old single girl looks for the best and worst ways to hook up in England. This week story she wrote about looking for love at the singles night in a library. The idea of trying to find a partner in a library makes sense. You have to have a little going for you if you are at a library, compared to a cruiser at the sports bar. So the book worms all get together and try to role play a cheesy romance novel to including the boy-meets-girl story with a happy ending. The writer claimed herself to be a bookworm so she looked forward to the assignment. The one detail about this story, is it possible to chat up a prospective date in the library. She said the participants wore a pink badge of which she could not find many. When she did they were mostly women. There is another big surprise women looking for men at a library and men staying far away. The event sounded so ridiculous to us here we had to let you know. She goes on about how she left then tried her own local libraries around England. She must have been thinking that a handsome book learned guy would be a good catch over a singles bar patron. I guess the only reason that this caught my eye was because this newspaper is sending this girl out into the world to get hit on and tell the readers about it. There is no gossip girl xoxo, or sex in the city anonymity, this girl is just out there looking for love and telling the world her every step.  I know people want to know what works and what does not, but truly is it not what works for one person, probably will not work for another. Then again what do we know?