Metered Internet Access from Cable Company

Time Warner on the slippery slope a report by Peter Svensson on June 2nd for the AP. Time Warner is testing metered Internet Access in one city Beaumont, Texas receive a monthly allowance for data the user uploads and downloads. If you go over the amount, you are charged $1.00 a gigabyte. They are claiming they are using this to balance Internet usage, which they say is uneven. The statistic used for implementation of this program is that only 5% of their subscribers take half of the capacity. The money they raise is of course going to go for infrastructure enhancement. We all knew this day was coming, as it has been common practice over seas. They of course roll it out as a three-tier package system, with a 29.95 package with a 5-gigabyte cap, up to a 54.90 monthly charge with a 40-gigabyte cap. This of course will never be touched by 75% of the users who know that you can open about 3,000 web pages or 15,000 emails (minus attachments) is around a gigabyte of data transfer. There are two problems we can see one downloading of music from iTunes type services as songs are about 3-8 megabytes, as well as downloading updates or software releases. The other is companies like Netflix that now let you watch a DVD online instead of it being sent to your home. A full length DVD could be as much as 4.7 to 9 gigabytes alone. We have come full circle when the web first took hold we used to go to work to download larger programs (Adobe Reader) because it would take forever on dialup. Then when everyone had broadband at home, it became easier to download large files at home (Symantec 600mb downloads) then bring them into work the next day then tie up a work machine for hours. We strongly oppose this as a farce as the Internet is what it is and throttling the bandwidth that comes into a user home with a cap and a fee, seems to be priming the pump for something that is not really an issue. Has anyone seen their home Internet slowing down. The other thing is I could live with a slower Internet and no fees. The cable companies will always find away to make you overpay more for something they are getting cheap. The cable bill is the only bill in my house I have to pay for the service before I get it. I use service as term but I do not feel it is of the highest quality.