DVR makes must see TV possible.

How many homes have DVR / Tivo in the US? I think it would be great if every home did have them, so TV shows could run all year round. I know I do not expect them to make 52 episodes of Two and Half Men ( go to work every dare I). What I would like to see is the networks using the summer to put on good shows, not just new shows that work during sweeps. Why must 24 run from January to May? Would it not be cool if it were on May to September? They the TV executives would say that viewer ship is much lower in the summer, which must be true as you can stay outside longer and later. My proposal for the new summer schedule is if you have a DVR you can record the show and watch when you do get in. I only say this because, as every May concludes so do all the shows. They have their big finale’s, I feel a void that there is nothing left to watch. Yes, I will watch some shows over the summer that as of this post I have no idea what they are. I would just like to see the TV schedule jumbled up a bit. Would it not have been better to see Jericho return to air now then when it did? Would it not be better to have a Law & Order (anyone of them) have new show in the summer then to compete against the other two. I was hoping that the eight weeks lost to the writers strike would open the executive’s eyes to this kind of a bold new horizon. This of course can only be fostered in a DVR environment or an On-Demand programming schedule. Let hope for more open-minded thinking to these ideas so our summer TV is not just lame reruns, animal-testi eating reality shows, and  shows that could no make it during sweeps.