Susan Sarandon dont go away mad, just go away!

Page six if the New York Post on Friday 5/30/08 that Susan Sarandon, says that if John McCain is elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. The article further went on to say she believes it is a critical time, but she does have faith in the American people. Have you heard this one before? Wait let me think back 2004 it was Sean Penn, I believe he is still in Hollywood since his divorce papers were files in Marin county, California on December 21st. How about getting in the way back machine to the year 2000 when both Alec Baldwin and the Barbara Streisand said they would leave the country if Al Gore did not win. Are the filming 30 Rock in France? How about the fact Barbra has not left she has been suing to get a photo of her house taken from the air off the Internet. When will they learn that making these dumb statements and hollow threats are laughable? This becomes part of the public record, which because of the Internet is available forever. So poor Susan Sarandon has now fell into this same group, although it not a surprise.  Let us not throw stones but she has been married, divorced, had one child out of wedlock, married again, couple more children, sound like someone this country needs to keep. She does have 64 films to her credit and one Academy Award. She has been nominated five times in total but not since 1995 when she won for Dead Man Walking; hey wait a minute Sean Penn starred in that movie too. Everything in Hollywood comes around and goes around; everything that is old is one day again new.

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