Media Bias?

The Wall Street Journal reported on May 27th 2008 that attacks in Iraq are at a four year low. This was reported by Gina Chon. The report in the article was given by US and Iraq officials but the hope is that the Iraqi Military is finally taking hold. This was great news as it came out around the Memorial Day weekend. There are some facts and figured mentioned as well as some locations that have seen big drops in attacks. There was also reference to Iraqi led military campaigns that have seemed to curb the violence as well as the Iraqi military presence in areas is taking hold. This story of course was not covered on any of the three major news departments and missed by most United States newspapers. You can always laugh when you hear there is no media bias in this country, when a report like this comes out and it is almost swept away as fast as it appears. Then next week when a road side bomb explodes, killing or hurting innocent or military people and it will not only be covered in the first five minutes of every newscast in the country but also in all the newspapers this story was missed by.