To Blog on Not Blog

Thank you for checking out my blog. I started the blog because I thought it would be a fun way to write about the things that interested me. I did enjoy writing for my college newspaper years ago. There was a time I thought reporting was going to be a job choice. When it comes to stories for the blog, I did not want to only post other people stories everyone knew, or post a photo or link of the latest wardrobe malfunction of a celebrity. The goal was to write about things that I felt passionate about, sports, politics, TV, and technology. Therefore, I try to find a balance between using the blog for PPP and venting. The PPP is a way of paying for the hosting, as you must know there really is only chump change in the process. I put a disclosure statement on every post, so the truth is known. It kind of is like working for Access Hollywood were you can talk to celebrities but do not ever rip them or they will not return to your show. These PPP are about writing only the see the good in what is being offered and expunge on that. So that is what we will do here for better or worse.