American Idol Final

David Cook wins, are you kidding? This is an historic occasion as America hardly ever gets this right. I can only think of one example in seven seasons of AI. Kelly Clarkson was names first AI champion over Justin Guarini, since she has had a major amount of success as he has only had a few mentionable items on his resume. The night of the last show, you did not know which way it was going to and America got it right that night, that season. Season 2, the choice was Clay vs. Ruben America chooses Ruben but since then Clay Aiken has had more commercial success as well as concert ticket sales and Broadway ticket sales. Season 3 Fantasia wins over DeGarmo this could be considered another season where America got it right by default as this was the weakest season in the history AI. Season 4 America did get it right again as Carrie Underwood has smashed every record for an AI contestant out selling them all. The other choice was Bo Bice who was ground breaking for AI as this was the first rocker to get to the final two. Season 5 is the strongest season of AI to date the winner Taylor Hicks and runner up Krsiten McPhee has very little success commercially. There are some standouts her though Yamin, Pickler, and Covington have sold many records and are all working on their second release. Daughtry first release and tour have been a huge success. America got this vote wrong some many weeks, as any of these people would have been a better idol then the winner or runner up. Season 6 the second worst season of Idol was Sparks was the winner Lewis finished second and both had very little commercial success although Jordin has climbed the charts after the release of her duet with Chris Brown. Lat night America got it right as David Cook was a great Idol contestant as he learned from others past success. America was ready for a rocker to win after the Daughtry mess. He turned songs around and changed the arrangements. He played and electric guitar on stage with a Marshall Amp. He was a nice person accepted bad comments and good with grace. David Archuleta sang every song the same style, he had an overbearing, manipulative father behind the scenes, and he looked like a little boy and acted that way many times. America got it right David Cook had done more this season then any other competitor on the show so he deserved to win.