American Idol Season 7 Finale

David Cook vs. David Archuleta, a man vs. a boy, a rocker vs. a balladeer, Milf voters vs. 12-year-old voters, and it all happens tonight. The support here is going for David Cook, I could lay out a case that says he has done so much more than the other competitors have. Changing the arrangements of songs, playing instruments more times then not, making a Dolly Parton song rock, singing a Andrew Lloyd Webber song straight. Putting up with Jason Castro and listens to Randy Jackson fawn all over Archuleta every time he sings. However, I do not think I hope for David Cook to win as much as I want David Archuleta and his over bearing, talent show crazy father not to win. It is not enough that every song he sings he sounds the same, it not that he is only 17 and I cannot relate or would not like any music he would ever put out. There is something about how everyone likes him and I just do not get it. So even though I never vote (I still wont vote) I hope for a David Cook victory. This will not be easy as they sandbagged Blake Lewis last year by making him sing an Idol finally sappy song, David better watch out because they do not let the winner flip the song. The must sing this disgusting elevator music destined song the way it was written, which should be no problem for David A. It is a tough road but I hope the result will be worth the journey.

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