Today is May 19th 2008 did you see this?

38 charged in international phishing scheme

Classic Sour Winner

Online Advertising – budgets getting tighter

The American Idol series is gaining tentacles

Today is another game 7 between the San Antonio and New Orleans. I feel that the Spurs have the poise to win this game; they have played in many Western Conference Finals so they know how to get there. I have counted against New Orleans and have counted them out many tines, every time I was wrong. They do not have much playoff experience especially on this stage against this caliber time but they are at home.  The other big story in was the Celtics winning another home game and moving on to play Detroit in the Eastern conference Finals. The Celtics have not won a road game but have won every home game. The story was LeBron James who is a man among men in the NBA. His performance yesterday was very much like the Bulls before Scottie Pippen arrived. When James gets another player to complement him they are going to be unstoppable.