Today is May 18th 2008 did you see this?

Steroids – 100 baseball players sought to testify!

Clinton sits through Adultery sermon!

Medical Marijuana Operation – Guilty

Carnival ride collapses 

Today is a game 7 between the Boston and Cleveland. One of the most exciting things in sports is a game seven. Hopefully it will be a close game as the last game 7 Boston played against Atlanta was a blow out. The Cleveland team has been in every gamer but game one, so it should be a knock down drag out contest. The other big story in sports today is the Triple Crown in horse racing as Big Brown cruised to a win in the 133rd Preakness Stakes. This could be the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 30 years. This is an impressive horse as it destroys the competition. This horse has never lost a race, no second, no thirds never anything but first place. Next up is the 140th Belmont Stakes on June 10th.