Susan Sarandon dont go away mad, just go away!

Page six if the New York Post on Friday 5/30/08 that Susan Sarandon, says that if John McCain is elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. The article further went on to say she believes it is a critical time, but she does have faith in the American people. Have you heard this one before? Wait let me think back 2004 it was Sean Penn, I believe he is still in Hollywood since his divorce papers were files in Marin county, California on December 21st. How about getting in the way back machine to the year 2000 when both Alec Baldwin and the Barbara Streisand said they would leave the country if Al Gore did not win. Are the filming 30 Rock in France? How about the fact Barbra has not left she has been suing to get a photo of her house taken from the air off the Internet. When will they learn that making these dumb statements and hollow threats are laughable? This becomes part of the public record, which because of the Internet is available forever. So poor Susan Sarandon has now fell into this same group, although it not a surprise.  Let us not throw stones but she has been married, divorced, had one child out of wedlock, married again, couple more children, sound like someone this country needs to keep. She does have 64 films to her credit and one Academy Award. She has been nominated five times in total but not since 1995 when she won for Dead Man Walking; hey wait a minute Sean Penn starred in that movie too. Everything in Hollywood comes around and goes around; everything that is old is one day again new.

Reality vs. Scripts

Variety writer Rick Kissell posted an interesting article on May 21st about the American idol finale. He spoke of how there were 32 million people watching as that was a 3% increase over the ho-hum finale last year of Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. He said these numbers wee released by Nielson Media Research. The Tuesday night show was the highest rated since March. The other networks did not fair as well, ABC Dancing with the Stars finale was viewed by just over 20 million people, which was the lowest rated finale in the history of that show. This could be as American are getting more used to competition reality programming or being drowned by it. They have a new sense of comparing one year versus another. They know the show will return next year with a new cast and the interest will peak again. The problem with reality TV compared to a scripted drama. The main characters in a scripted drama return every week and as the season roles to the end so does the arc of the character which make you not only want to see the finale but wait for the show to return as most have cliffhanging results. A reality show is different although on could argue the arc of the character is the same. The excitement for watching David Cook rise to American Idol was great for his fans. If you flip that on it side if you were a fan of one of the other contestants or were not impressed with either singing style of Cook or Archuleta then there was no excitement for you to invest. The only comparison that comes to mind is you watch the Sopranos every week one season as the season winds down things are coming to a head from multiple directions. Three weeks before the end of the season, all the Sopranos are killed in an explosion. Watching the show after that would be a let down; this is a fundamental flaw in Reality TV that makes it better one season than another.

Media Bias?

The Wall Street Journal reported on May 27th 2008 that attacks in Iraq are at a four year low. This was reported by Gina Chon. The report in the article was given by US and Iraq officials but the hope is that the Iraqi Military is finally taking hold. This was great news as it came out around the Memorial Day weekend. There are some facts and figured mentioned as well as some locations that have seen big drops in attacks. There was also reference to Iraqi led military campaigns that have seemed to curb the violence as well as the Iraqi military presence in areas is taking hold. This story of course was not covered on any of the three major news departments and missed by most United States newspapers. You can always laugh when you hear there is no media bias in this country, when a report like this comes out and it is almost swept away as fast as it appears. Then next week when a road side bomb explodes, killing or hurting innocent or military people and it will not only be covered in the first five minutes of every newscast in the country but also in all the newspapers this story was missed by.

To Blog on Not Blog

Thank you for checking out my blog. I started the blog because I thought it would be a fun way to write about the things that interested me. I did enjoy writing for my college newspaper years ago. There was a time I thought reporting was going to be a job choice. When it comes to stories for the blog, I did not want to only post other people stories everyone knew, or post a photo or link of the latest wardrobe malfunction of a celebrity. The goal was to write about things that I felt passionate about, sports, politics, TV, and technology. Therefore, I try to find a balance between using the blog for PPP and venting. The PPP is a way of paying for the hosting, as you must know there really is only chump change in the process. I put a disclosure statement on every post, so the truth is known. It kind of is like working for Access Hollywood were you can talk to celebrities but do not ever rip them or they will not return to your show. These PPP are about writing only the see the good in what is being offered and expunge on that. So that is what we will do here for better or worse.

American Idol Final

David Cook wins, are you kidding? This is an historic occasion as America hardly ever gets this right. I can only think of one example in seven seasons of AI. Kelly Clarkson was names first AI champion over Justin Guarini, since she has had a major amount of success as he has only had a few mentionable items on his resume. The night of the last show, you did not know which way it was going to and America got it right that night, that season. Season 2, the choice was Clay vs. Ruben America chooses Ruben but since then Clay Aiken has had more commercial success as well as concert ticket sales and Broadway ticket sales. Season 3 Fantasia wins over DeGarmo this could be considered another season where America got it right by default as this was the weakest season in the history AI. Season 4 America did get it right again as Carrie Underwood has smashed every record for an AI contestant out selling them all. The other choice was Bo Bice who was ground breaking for AI as this was the first rocker to get to the final two. Season 5 is the strongest season of AI to date the winner Taylor Hicks and runner up Krsiten McPhee has very little success commercially. There are some standouts her though Yamin, Pickler, and Covington have sold many records and are all working on their second release. Daughtry first release and tour have been a huge success. America got this vote wrong some many weeks, as any of these people would have been a better idol then the winner or runner up. Season 6 the second worst season of Idol was Sparks was the winner Lewis finished second and both had very little commercial success although Jordin has climbed the charts after the release of her duet with Chris Brown. Lat night America got it right as David Cook was a great Idol contestant as he learned from others past success. America was ready for a rocker to win after the Daughtry mess. He turned songs around and changed the arrangements. He played and electric guitar on stage with a Marshall Amp. He was a nice person accepted bad comments and good with grace. David Archuleta sang every song the same style, he had an overbearing, manipulative father behind the scenes, and he looked like a little boy and acted that way many times. America got it right David Cook had done more this season then any other competitor on the show so he deserved to win.

Proud Peacock – Must See TV – No More

  There is nothing but bad news for the NBC network which has had some of the greatest shows in TV History. This would include the smash hits Cosby Show, Cheers, Friends, Frasier, and Seinfeld. NBC is finally in the tank. This strike shortened season the network had only one show in the top 25 shows last week, Law & Order SVU. Neilson reports that compared to other networks first place CBS is averaged almost double the audience. NBC had better hope they get major revenue from the Olympics. This also means during the Olympics we will see commercials at nausea for the new slate of next season bombs from the peacock. One of the NBC shows Earl centers on a man trying to understand Karma. This fall from grace for NBC might be Karma related for the way the network hosed David Lettermen after years of service. These things all come around and go around so better days will be ahead.

American Idol Season 7 Finale

David Cook vs. David Archuleta, a man vs. a boy, a rocker vs. a balladeer, Milf voters vs. 12-year-old voters, and it all happens tonight. The support here is going for David Cook, I could lay out a case that says he has done so much more than the other competitors have. Changing the arrangements of songs, playing instruments more times then not, making a Dolly Parton song rock, singing a Andrew Lloyd Webber song straight. Putting up with Jason Castro and listens to Randy Jackson fawn all over Archuleta every time he sings. However, I do not think I hope for David Cook to win as much as I want David Archuleta and his over bearing, talent show crazy father not to win. It is not enough that every song he sings he sounds the same, it not that he is only 17 and I cannot relate or would not like any music he would ever put out. There is something about how everyone likes him and I just do not get it. So even though I never vote (I still wont vote) I hope for a David Cook victory. This will not be easy as they sandbagged Blake Lewis last year by making him sing an Idol finally sappy song, David better watch out because they do not let the winner flip the song. The must sing this disgusting elevator music destined song the way it was written, which should be no problem for David A. It is a tough road but I hope the result will be worth the journey.

Today is May 19th 2008 did you see this?

38 charged in international phishing scheme

Classic Sour Winner

Online Advertising – budgets getting tighter

The American Idol series is gaining tentacles

Today is another game 7 between the San Antonio and New Orleans. I feel that the Spurs have the poise to win this game; they have played in many Western Conference Finals so they know how to get there. I have counted against New Orleans and have counted them out many tines, every time I was wrong. They do not have much playoff experience especially on this stage against this caliber time but they are at home.  The other big story in was the Celtics winning another home game and moving on to play Detroit in the Eastern conference Finals. The Celtics have not won a road game but have won every home game. The story was LeBron James who is a man among men in the NBA. His performance yesterday was very much like the Bulls before Scottie Pippen arrived. When James gets another player to complement him they are going to be unstoppable.

Deathnote – Fathom Latest Event

This a movie that is only going to play in major theatres for two nights May 20-21st 2008 based on the action-mystery manga which follows an ace student who finds the DeathNote, in a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god named Ryuk, any human whose name is written in the notebook dies. When criminals mysteriously begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective “L” to investigate, a trail leading right to the student. Both people believe themselves to be on the side of justice, and the two match wits. This is a thrill ride not stop of action.


DeathNote is a Movie that comes from Fathom Groundbreaking Cinema Entertainment the entertainment division of National CineMedia are different they are not you average distributor. Fathom is for people like you. People who want to experience exclusive entertainment on the giant screen in the comfort of a local movie theatre with amazing crystal-clear digital sound and picture. Fathom looks at cinema entertainment in a completely new light. There are more than 14,000 screens in 1,000+ digital theatres in 46 states, so the chances are a must-see, once-in-a-lifetime Fathom event is happening nearby.

Today is May 18th 2008 did you see this?

Steroids – 100 baseball players sought to testify!

Clinton sits through Adultery sermon!

Medical Marijuana Operation – Guilty

Carnival ride collapses 

Today is a game 7 between the Boston and Cleveland. One of the most exciting things in sports is a game seven. Hopefully it will be a close game as the last game 7 Boston played against Atlanta was a blow out. The Cleveland team has been in every gamer but game one, so it should be a knock down drag out contest. The other big story in sports today is the Triple Crown in horse racing as Big Brown cruised to a win in the 133rd Preakness Stakes. This could be the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 30 years. This is an impressive horse as it destroys the competition. This horse has never lost a race, no second, no thirds never anything but first place. Next up is the 140th Belmont Stakes on June 10th.