Taxes – Taxes – Taxes April 15th

Give me tyranny or give me death. Only thing assured are death and taxes. Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society. What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue. These are great quotes about taxes from great people. I hate April 15th every year. It is the time when every citizen must come clean on the taxes they must pay from the year before. It is a time when those who make little get very little back. It is a time when those who made a tremendous amount figure a way to give as little back as possible. It is a time when the government can finally open the cash register to all the programs they voted to fund. All the state budgets can finally be balanced when all the hard numbers are finally tallied. In
Massachusetts, you can actually pay a tax rate of 5.3 percent or 5.8 percent. Why do you ask, and who would pay the higher rate? Those questions are valid but not without history. The citizens were promised that the rate of 5.8 would drop back to 5.0 after the state’s debt crisis was stabilized. When they finally had close to a billion dollars in a rainy day fund, the people thought maybe it was time for a roll back. The state leaders thought not at this time as trouble is always on the horizon. The citizens then created a petition to make them keep the promise they made when it was raised. They put it to a statewide vote. The state congress began to scare people that if this passed there would be no trash pick up, any teachers or fire fighters. The vote did pass as all the smoke and mirrors made it very close 60%-40% victory for the tax rollback. The congress did not like the vote so they decided to overturn the decision. When the phones rang off the hook with people who just voted for something they wanted to ignore, the congress finally acted. They decided 5.0% was to low, they would drop the rate to 5.3% a win for every one, but you still could help out the state buy paying at 5.8%, if you wanted. There was 40% of the people that voted to keep the higher rate. Well it has been three years since then, since it is the middle of March we find less than 200 people of the over 1.3 million that had filed in
Massachusetts for 2007 have paid the higher rate. Where are these 40% of the people that voted against it? The list of the less than 200 people I wonder how many of them were the actual politicians who had a hand in this outcome? I hate April 15th but you can bet you bottom taxed dollar, I will only pay 5.3% as long as I have a say, oh, that is right, I did have say. They just choose not to listen when I vote with it.

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