One Page Web Wonder

We came across a guy named Marcus Campbell he has a website that helps people understand how easy it is to make money on the Internet. He understands that most people want to make hundreds a day on the Internet which is really hard to do.He calls this “trying to take on the entire staircase in one giant leap (superhuman), how ’bout taking one step at a time?” His idea is to build small one to three page websites that make as little as $8 a day. The truth is everyone wants to make millions of dollars online, Mr. Campbell plan is to set up a bunch of little websites that make small amount of money every day, hoping that it wall add up. People ask all the time about how to make money in an online business, wanting the quickest way to make money online fast without spending any money and doing any work. He realizes that any business will take work and effort. If you are looking for something that you set and forget this system is not for you. If you are serous about making money online you have to work it just like any other business. The focus is on small attainable goals, small websites that generates something everyday. He talks of one of his systems, a little one page website about a certain fish. He did some research and found a book about those fish that vendor would pay $17.98 per sale of this fish book. He put some Google advertising on the page and a few other links to fish related websites. The first 24 hours of the site going live he sold two books. Hr paid click fees of close to $18.00 and made around $18.00 for the day. The plan is to stay on top of the market multiply that site times others and there is your stay at home income.