Sharebuilder Buying Stocks $1 at a time.

ShareBuilder is an online brokerage designed to make investing easy, affordable and accessible for both beginning and experienced investors. We take a long-term approach and seek to help investors build wealth over time. With the Automatic Investment Plan, you can invest regularly through automatic investments, allowing you to buy partial shares of stocks and accumulate your investments over time. To complement your investing strategies, you can use real-time trades to buy and sell stocks immediately during market hours. ShareBuilder offers a range of pricing programs to suit every type of investor on any budget. The pricing program you choose will set your account’s commission structure, as well as your access to online investing tools. Each of our programs offers unique advantages. Choose Basic, Standard, or Advantage, based on which plan best meets your needs. Whether you’re planning for retirement, your children’s college education, or a new home, ShareBuilder offers you the convenience and flexibility to set up an investment account that fits all of your needs. There are two kinds of accounts Individual Account, just for you or a Joint Account, for you and someone else.  To help set goals for a child or grandchild: Education Savings Account investing solely for a child’s educational expenses, Custodial Account an account in your name on behalf of a minor To plan retirement goals: Traditional or Rollover IRA — retirement investing with opportunities for tax deductions Roth or Conversion IRA — retirement investing with tax-free growth potential Funding your account is the easiest method to fund a ShareBuilder account is through automated, no-fee electronic funds transfers from a checking or savings account. You can also fund your ShareBuilder account through payroll deductions, or by simply mailing a check or wiring money. There are 2 ways to buy stocks, with an Automatic Investment Plan. You Buy stocks in dollar amounts automatically or you can Schedule monthly or weekly investments.  These Automatic investments help you build your portfolio over time. The other way is using Real-Time Trades you can Buy or sell stocks in share amounts real-time. This way you will have the ability to execute market orders in seconds during market hours. When you hear something that you want to act on you can use Real-time trades to act immediately on investment decisions. This is a brokerage account that allows you to buy and sell securities.

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