Let see if we can walk through this a Governor of the most popular state in the United States. A former Attorney General who should know a little bit about wire taps and prostitution. A public figure that should be aware of every move he makes is being watched for his own protection. All right those are facts is this guy just a destructive personality? There is talk that he would have made a run for the president. He was a high ranking member at Harvard University he was in the same class as Jim Cramer. This is not a dumb person. Flip the coin a girl from New Jersey did she not know he was the governor? Did he not know that she could identify him? The person delivering boot loads of cash around could identify him? This is too crazy I am stunned that a person could work so hard to commit career suicide like this! When the police report was published with the text messages and client #9 information as well as the back and forth between the three parties it was like reading a dime store novel. Then he was done, toast, lit up like a roman candle. The only thing was not if but when he would resign. The story did not let up as the more info about the money the more the nation needed to be feed. This guy was actually paying close to 5,000 for sex. That is more money then most American make in a month and he was spending it for sex in four hours. There is so much here that it is hard to start and complete one thought. The hubris of this guy to leave his wife and three kids for sex with this girl and the audacity to think he would not get recognized or caught. Then another day goes guy and the girl appears as if she is a hero for the working class or some sort of overnight star. The woman is a prostitute, whore, lady of the evening, or a hooker. Today she has a MySpace page and photos of her everywhere. It is unbelievable that this guy bought a 22 year old girl for sex. It is unbelievable that she is famous for having sex for money. It is all too much for any level headed person to grasp. We do not claim to be squeaky clean but this fails under the category of how much do you need. This is the police report. This is her Myspace page. This is the could be the beginning of end of the world.