wholesale for little people

We found a website that can help our reader make a little extra cash in the auction business. they are a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace where professional buyers can source commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in an online environment. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. They have a wide variety of product categories includes apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, vehicles, and much more. The premise of why we speak of this site is they sell in bulk and they have millions of items. Here is the trick used by our members purchase items in bulk that can be shipped cheaply then sell the units one at time on eBay for profit. One of our member used the example they bought 100 8gb jump drives for $18.00 each then sold them on eBay through auction and but it now for $25.00. It took the person over three months to sell all the items. After eBay seller fees, shipping and PayPal costs the member made around $500.00 profit.  The user admitted that a profit of $40.00 does not seem like a lot but this was not the only items they had up for sale the trick is to watch a good deal then sell multiple items at the same time. This user said they invested $3000.00 in getting lots and have been using the same money for close to a year. The second income from the sales of items gives them $75 to $125 a week extra. They did complain of a buyer’s premium, which is a standard auctioneering fee that covers the cost of sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace and managing services such as payment collection, fulfillment, shipping and inspection. The standard buyer’s premium is 5% of the final bid price. We find this program if you have capital to invest a great way to create a second income for yourself without leaving home.