Carbonite – Back up technology

We have had it all happen and if it has not we are all in complete horror that it could. Lose all your computer files from corrupt hard drive, mistake, and software or hardware error. Then one day it happens you lose all your archived email, now you have no proof somebody told you to do something. You lose all your photos, those once in a lifetime photos you had taken in Europe gone. Your music all that money you spent on iTunes and now you have nothing left. If I told you these horror stories would never happen to you, how much would you pay? What these things worth to you and how much if they are lost? Well there is hope a product called Carbonite is the trick you need. For only $60.00 a year your data is backed up and stored offsite. So if your laptop gets stolen you still can get your data back. If your office burns to the ground your files are stored offsite and you can get them when ever you need them. This is the greatest peace of mind tool you can ever buy. Let face it everything is digital these days – pictures, music, letters, invoices, and bills. You would be able to store everything forever for only $60.00 a year that is the cheapest you will ever pay for a good night sleep. There are many ways to back up your files but this product will allow having backups done on a schedule without any interaction of manually when you want to for the automatic back up after documents have been created. There are limits to the amount of data you can back up but you can always pay for more space to keep everything you desire backed up safe at an offsite location. Get the disaster recovery that all the big companies have with a much smaller price and very little effort