Tea512 Blog Presidential Support

We at the Tea512 Blog reluctantly are throwing support behind republican John McCain. We do not have a good feeling about a 71 year old President. We do not have a good feeling about someone who has worked with Kennedy and Feingold. We do not support amnesty for immigrants or repeals of tax cuts. We really do not support four more years of Bill & Hill. We really do not support an unproven, junior senator that has never filed a piece of legislation. We also do not like that he had voted present more times then taking a stand on an issue. As president I believe you must make a decision. We do not want four more years of learning on the job, i.e. Jimmy Carter. We do not want four years of globalization of American. We do not want our armed forced working for NATO. This is a huge crossroads in American politics as we understand Americans are tired of Republican rule in the white house but let us not be hasty in changing just for change. Obama will be a fine candidate someday but the democrats rush to put him out as the second coming of Camelot has left holes in ways of his accomplishments and visions.