Pay Day Loans – Discount Advances

Pay day loans, I use a company called discount advances. They have really cheap rates 17.50 for every hundred dollars borrowed. Let call a spade a spade their loans are given at 432% interest. Let weight how that can ever be a good deal. Well I use them to circumvent the high fees my bank charges for an overdraft. Let me explain there is a tragedy that needs to be paid, cable shut off, car repairs, or a even a birthday gift. Here the play, if I write a check for $250.00 when I only have $150.00 in the bank, it will bounce. The fee for this action from my bank is $35.00 so my account is negative $100.00 + $35.00 until my direct deposit payday. Enter discount advances if I request $100.00 form them to cover the check. They charge me $100.00 + $17.50 on pay day. This is simple math I needed the money, I was going to bounce a check, situation solved and problem avoided. It is funny to say you made $17.50 but if your only option was bouncing that check well I guess I can say I made $17.50. The other cool thing is the bank did not get another $35.00 because they are nickel and diming customers to death. The problem is nickels and dimes have turned into dollars.


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