Clinton flies economy back from Iowa

April 16th, 2015

The Hillary Clinton rebranding has continued today as the three-day presidential campaign swing comes to a close in Iowa. The next staged event was a break from her private jet service she and Bill use all the time on their lucrative speaking engagements. She flew home like common folk on a no-frills commercial flight that does not even have First Class. The United flight from Iowa to New Jersey uses Embraer ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 jets with nothing but narrow economy-class seats. This was yet another chance to rub elbows with ordinary people. She even went the extra mile to move through the airport holding on to her own luggage. This riches to rags pretend story ends there as when the plane landed everyone else had to wade through the airport hustle and bustle but Hillary walked of the plane to a waiting Town Car sedan with a police escort that was waiting for her on the airport tarmac. This is the thing that gets people elected and it is smart to try and remove the ivory tower appearance the first family tried to hold onto after leaving the White House hoping they would be the next Camelot. They must believe the road to the White House is paved with hard work and not a simple conveyor belt to election day.

Treasury brings in 18.3% more under this president

April 15th, 2015

We do this story every year around tax time. The federal government has set an all-time record for the amount of inflation-adjusted tax revenue brought into the federal Treasury from the beginning of the fiscal year through the April 15 tax-filing deadline. As of the close of business on April 14, the Treasury had brought in a record $1,477,901,000,000 since fiscal 2015 started on Oct. 1, 2014. You would think this makes us balance out or at least put a dent in the deficit. Well if you were thinking that of course you would be wrong. The federal government ran a deficit of $439.47 billion in October through March. Last year the Treasury collected $1,416,555,440,000 in taxes from the beginning of the fiscal year through the close of business on April 15. This was a new record until we approached tax day this year as $1,477,901,000,000 is already $61,345,560,000 or 4.3 percent more than last year’s record and the biggest day is yet to come. When people owe taxes they wait until the last minute to pay, if you are paying a lot you want to collect as much interest on the money as possible and if you are just getting buy everyday closer to tax day is worrisome. Perspective,l 2009, President Barack Obama first year the Treasury brought in $1,249,523,180,000 today we are at an increase of $228,377,820,000 or 18.3 percent.

Hillary Clinton small turnout in Iowa

April 14th, 2015

We have a couple of Hillary things as it is time to take off the gloves and get to work. When Hillary Clinton ran to Iowa to do her kickoff event there were only 22 people in attendance, yes the could all be counted. It was her first time in Iowa since visiting the state during the 2014 midterm elections before that it was January of 2008. What was clear is gone are big rally crowds, she went with a roundtable discussion and meet-and-greets with local activists. There were dozens of reporters both in the room which if the goal was make the event feel intimate, it was not. Clinton was seated at a table with just seven people for the round table discussion there was an audience of another 15. Then there was anywhere from 60-72 reports covering the event. Clinton went on about her areas of focus for her campaign: building the economy, strengthening families and communities, fixing the dysfunctional political system and getting unaccountable money out of the system. This is a new Hillary and we are not sure what the plan is yet but it look to make her more like an everyday person and wonder if she can ever pull of being humble.

Emily Ratajowski too hot too much

April 13th, 2015


This week we choose Emily Ratajowski as the woman of the week. To say she burned the red carpet up at the 2015 MTV movie awards might be the understatement of the year. Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski was born June 7, 1991 in Westminster, London, England then moved to San Diego when she was five. Her first work in acting was on iCarly and her feature film debut was as the mistress of Ben Affleck’s character in the 2014 film Gone Girl. We cannot wait for her first leading role which will be in the upcoming film We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron. She will also be in the Entourage movie just like everyone else in Hollywood. Emily has done plenty of modeling including SI swimsuit issue. Emily has never had a week but we are pretty sure she will be on the countdown for years to come. She has it all her body is amazing, she is tall with gorgeous long legs, she has great curves, perfect breasts and lips that make you weak in the knees. This is the full package and when we got to the office it was unanimous how the woman of the week was and that has only happened like five times in seven years.

Bob Schieffer replaced by John Dickerson

April 12th, 2015

Thing are getting clearer and it still believed there is a need for a Sunday morning major network talking head show and with it there must be a permanent anchor. We thought CBS might be the first to walk away or expand 60 minute to Sunday morning. No such luck same old play CBS News political director John Dickerson has been named the next host of Face the Nation, replacing Bob Schieffer . The odd thing is that he has never hosted before Dickerson will take over this summer, when Schieffer retires. This is a legacy hire as well as his mother, Nancy Dickerson, was the first female correspondent in the CBS News Washington bureau and an associate producer on Face the Nation. Dickerson is currently the Slate’s chief political correspondent and will stay on board working both jobs. He beats out the other short list candidates that included Norah O’Donnell and Major Garrett. The benchmark here will always be Russert and Meet the Press to us, and Schieffer was always third place. The decline of NBC and the long national nightmare that was David Gregory pulled the rating and show into third and lifted all the other boats in the harbor, good for Bob Schieffer getting while it looks like he is on top, all be it by default.

To cozy or bash for Hillary

April 11th, 2015

We tomorrow looks like the day to keep your TV off, watch the masters, horse racing even early season baseball. The worst kept secret in Washington is it is go day for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The bigger question is how close President Barack Obama will get to her and how close does she want him to be. We cannot forget that he defeated her in a grueling very close Democratic nomination battle. Then she took the job as secretary of state to carry out his policies for better or worse mostly worse. That did not end well for her either as was thrown under the bus for Benghazi as this administration does. We are sure the Clinton team has watched the president’s poll ratings, policies and constituencies. The best part for the GOP what can she do criticize the sitting president, maybe but she also was part of that team. This seems like a good start for the GOP as she cannot play the fence or she will be seen as someone who cannot lead. Then again if she aligns herself too closely with to a president who six in ten Americans say they want the next commander and chief to change most of his policies, according lame stream media CNN poll might be guilt by association.

The Maimi Story for GOP

April 10th, 2015

There is a part of the presidential race that will be a side bar. The Florida vote staked between Marco Rubio a senator and former governor Jeb Bush. There was a time Jeb took Marco under his wing showed him the ropes and we were sure he would not run against him. Those days are over and Florida must choose Marco Rubio was raised and lives in West Miami and if you go 12 minutes to the east you will find Coral Gables which is where Jeb Bush lives. This is amazing because it is the first time in modern political history has two presidential candidates from the same hometown at the same time. This means Miami is going to be a major center of national Republican presidential politics. Even though they both come from Miami and live in the area, we all know the path is quite different that brought them there. The senator is a product of the city’s powerful and tight-knit Cuban American community and Jeb is a transplant, has moved a few times across the city, but now lives in a traditional upper-class gated community. This will be more about Florida than Miami and either person but Florida is a key to the White House and whomever loses the other needs them on board after the dust settles.

Rand Paul already going for it

April 9th, 2015

Well if you did not think it was going to get dirty you were alone, but no one could see it get ugly so fast. That is the way it went down for Rand Paul, who will not be painted into a corner. He was not even the race 24 hours when the freshman senator from Kentucky went on the attack. This not a normal way to start a campaign and the other contenders are more than likely on high alert. Paul turned a little hostile with the media dancing around tough foreign policy questions, commenting to the media on how to conduct an interview, and his rage was even seen when he needed to clarify his position on abortion. To those of you that do not get Rand Paul he is self-acclaimed anti-establishment politician and has made a pretty good career using that angle. He has never been one to run away from confrontation some might say he even searches it out. He launched his political career on an anti-establishment message. You must know what you get the first part of his campaign slogan is Defeat the Washington machine, if that does not say he is ready to battle. There is a time and place and we are not sure vigor was the right move out of the box.

Stephanie Hannon from Google goes Clinton

April 8th, 2015

In our continuing report of the players behind the scenes Hillary Rodham Clinton brought another player on board. This is a heavy hitter and the timing means she is ready to go. The longtime Google executive Stephanie Hannon, who is Google’s director of product management for civic innovation and social impact, will become the chief technology officer for the Clinton campaign. The role is pretty simple as headquartered in New York at the campaign headquarters, Hannon will serve on the senior staff and oversee a team of engineers and developers, outside consultants, responsible for Web sites, apps and other tools for staff, supporters, and voters. We believe the first task is to create the technological infrastructure in place for campaign launch. Hannon who is well known has been in Silicon Valley for two decades, the role is a huge jump here as she is the first woman to hold the title of chief technology officer on a major presidential campaign. Things are shaping up as Katie Dowd is the campaign’s digital director, and Teddy Goff, an outside consultant was the 2012 Obama campaign’s digital director. Currently at the search giant Hannon recently was charged with building technological tools to help communities respond to natural disasters and sharing information about elections, including ballot locations and candidates.

Cruz versus Paul too much the same

April 7th, 2015

When you decide to run for president you need stand out and the problem right from jump for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Texas Senator Ted Cruz they are too much of the same. Let us face it they are right of the mainstream of the party. We see that early on both Paul and Cruz will compete for support from the same voters and that trying to create separation is going to be problematic. They also will have trouble attacking each other as most of the same views will be seen as do as I do not as I say. The GOP primary will more than likely flesh out one of these two and set that person up as the far right of the right. We are not sure the winner might be decided by whom Jeb Bush decides to single out. There is no way around splitting a voting block between them and makes one of the other out in the cold. The voting records are pretty much the same so the voters are left with style, approach and whom can realistically win against the democrats. This will be a marathon not a sprint but at some point the end will be closer for one of these two than the rest of the field that does have support.

Jordana Brewster Furious and Sexy

April 6th, 2015


This week we highlight our favorite badass woman from the Fast and Furious franchise. Jordana Brewster was born April 26, 1980 in Panama City, Panama. Jordana broke into acting on soap operas her first film role was in the classic Robert Rodriguez horror movie The Faculty. We picked her this week as she made her fourth appearance in the F&F movies as Furious 7 hit theaters reprising her role as Mia Toretto. We do not know how much the movie cost to make as these movies have gotten bigger budgets each time, but it is your number one movies in the world. The movie brought in $147M in the US alone, $245M international for a total gross of $392M which is amazing as six total was only $238M which was the highest ever. Jordana is super sexy with long legs and long long dark hair and melts the screen when she walks. She is so pretty and the movies are so intense any close up of her face will leave you breathless. We look forward ot the next thing from Jordana as she does not take many movie roles a year you might have seen her in Home Sweet Hell release in February. We are glad to give her a week and show off this bad ass beauty.

Happy Easter 2015

April 5th, 2015

He has risen , alleluia! alleluia! Welcome to Easter 2015 and we hope you all enjoy a joyous and reflective holiday. We are going to spend the day with family and friends. The Easter Bunny came very early this morning and left plenty of chocolate, sweets, and cash for all. Everyone is dressed in the spring Easter dresses and bonnets as we are headed out for an early mass still pretty cold after the long hard winter. This is the one time of the year where it seems we are at church every day and the culmination comes from Easter Sunday especially after the dark night of the Easter vigil. Then we are off to a massive dinner celebration feast where we will gorge ourselves with epic proportions of spirits, food, and deserts. We do enjoy Easter as one of the best holidays of the year, because of what it truly means and the uplifting message it stands for. That is also you can pretty much say winter is over and the weather is going to get nicer every day after until summer. Enjoy your Easter to all our readers, fans and even foes on this when all is forgiven and we all started anew we wish you a safe and Happy Easter Sunday.

Kristina Schake hired to common man image

April 4th, 2015

We always say the best way to see the movers and shakers of a campaign is to watch whom they hire. The bigger part of that sometimes is what they are hired to do. We found out the Hilary Rodham Clinton has hired Kristina Schake, who was a former aide to the first lady, Michelle Obama in the East Wing as communications chief. Her big claim is to make the candidate seem the regular person that can relate as well as show interest in things all Americans are interested in. She proposed the undercover shopping trip to a Target and a cameo at the Oscars. The thing is helping shape the public image of a first lady is one thing but the task Schake has signed up for is to change the image of a first lady and get it ready to be president. This will be her toughest challenge and will yield the biggest result if successful, and if she fails we are not sure if there is recovery as these loses tend to stick with the candidate as well as key team members for years to come. That being said there is always a place to talk politics on some network show as they are filled with these people called strategists and in there introductions you will hear the winners they worked with unless they only have losers. Just a lame stream media throw in here when you only have losers they usually do not mention the candidate just the year.

Employers only added 126,000 workers in March

April 3rd, 2015

We have always thought the job numbers were phoney. When we say that it is because the numbers of jobs created versus the number of people collecting unemployment are not tied together. Both number do not take into account the people who lost a job, collected unemployment, and now are doing neither what list are they one. We watch over the last couple of months as manufacturing has slowed and fewer homes are being built even though cheaper gas is available it also has failed to jump start consumer spending. But we hear month after month, employers are hiring. That ends in March so this might be the only place you hear it because it cannot pump up President Barack Obama. The numbers show employers added just 126,000 workers which is the lowest since December 2013 and it stops the 12-month over 200,000 the lame streamers put in your face as recovery. Once to make sure you understand what we are trying to say the unemployment rate remained at 5.5 percent. Logically that means the 126K were not taken by a percentage of those collecting. You do not have to worry about next month as there will be a ton of landscaping jobs added as the winter states hire for the upcoming summer. We just hope when you hear these reports you ask more than just the economy is improving because we added 200K jobs, unemployment dropped to 5.3%, the issue comprises more information that you will never be able to get a government statistic provided for you.

When will the liberal agenda start working

April 2nd, 2015

Here is a fun fact for all our liberal readers or liberal reader. We have had a democrat in the White House six long and tiring years, four of which he controlled congress. You would the middle class and poor would be getting relief and those evil rich people would really feel the pinch by now. Well that would be incorrect on a massive level most Americans’ incomes continued to fall last year, but the richest 20 percent saw a rise, with new data from the Labor Department. We know this will ratchet up the income inequality debate even further, but if you have had six years and total government rule and the rich are getting richer and the poor staying poor exactly who is it you are trying to help. Americans on average saw income decline for the second straight year who do we blame for that and is not that the reason all these people voted for President Barack Obama twice. The average pre-tax income fell 0.9 percent from the same period a year earlier, to $64,432 when you look at the top 20 percent of incomes saw their money stream grow by 0.9 percent to $166,048 on average. Which is good because at least we know where the 0.9 percent is going.